Constitutional mandate

The district municipality is a government institution committed to working with citizens and groups within the community to find sustainable ways of meeting their social, economic and material needs and improving the quality of their lives.

Local Governments are clearly one of the nation’s fundamental democratic institutions. Inclusive and effective democratic processes can most readily be achieved at the local level through participatory, transparent, management of public resources and joint community development projects.

In South Africa, local governments are responsible for stimulating local economic development and for providing people with basic services.

The basic services include water, electricity, sanitation, affordable housing and basic health care.

In terms of the Constitution of Republic of South Africa, 1996 and various acts flowing from it, the District Municipality is required to structure and manage its administration and budgeting and planning processes to give priority to the basic needs of the community, to promote the social and economic development of the community and to participate in national and provincial development programmes. The municipality to this end must provide vision and leadership for all those who have a role to play in the development of the municipality.


To be a municipality with a clear developmental focus to improve the quality of life of all the communities in the district.


“The Frances Baard District Municipality is committed to provide and improve the quality of services and therefore improve the lives of all its communities by:

  • Promoting Social and Economic Development
  • Providing and maintaining affordable and optimal quality services
  • The economic, efficient and effective utilisation of all its available resources, and;
  • Effective Stakeholders and Democratic Community Participation”

Informational Powerpoint Presentations


Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 127(5) of the Municipal Finance Management Act, and in accordance with Section 21A of the Municipal Systems Act, that the DRAFT Annual Report for 2015/2016 is now available for public inputs. The public is hereby invited to submit representation in connection with the annual report on or before 23 January 2017.



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Important Info:

Service Delivery & Budget Implementation Plan 2016/17:

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Integrated Development Plan (IDP); Review 2015/16; Planning 2016/17:

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Review LED strategy:

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District growth & development strategy:

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