In her budget speech to Council today the Executive Mayor, Councillor Khadi Moloi, reflected on the key achievements of the municipality thus far. She said that all projects planned for this year is well on track and will be completed successfully. She reiterated that the district municipality continues to support its local municipalities in ensuring that services are delivered to the district community.


The district municipality have managed to complete the spatial development framework (SDF) for the district municipality as well as for the three smaller local municipalities. In 2015/16 the district municipality will assist Sol Plaatje local municipality with the preparation of the SDF. This is well in line with the objectives to enhance the implementation of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Development Act (SPLUMA), 2013.


She also stressed the importance of the SMME development and support policy which will provide a framework for SMME development in the district. She said that the district municipality was well on track with the implementation of the five key pillars of the “back to basics” approach for local government and emphasised that the municipality have to work better with its local municipalities to complement their “back to basics” action plans.

She said that R1.5m have been budgeted to support local municipalities with financial service related matters and to ensure that their financial systems are Standard Charts of Account (SCOA) compliant by 2017. She mentioned that in 2015/16 the district municipality will have access to the rural roads asset management systems grant to the amount of R2.15m as well as a District Aids Council Grant of R500,000.


The mayor also emphasised the fact that the district municipality is grant dependent and that 91% of the total revenue, the bigger portion of which is the equitable share, is determined by the growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The district municipality collects own revenue anticipated at 9% of the total revenue for the 2015/16 financial year.


The total budget for the 2015/16 financial year is R168.49m. The operational budget is R155.1m (40 million of which goes to the capital expenditure of our local municipalities as well as R17,032m for special projects for both the district and its local municipalities. The capital budget for the district municipality is R13.39m.

The largest portion of the budget is allocated to the Planning & Development and Infrastructure Services Departments. Allocations to these departments amounts to R78.43m and is directly linked towards the improvement of the quality of life of communities in the district. This includes R41.32m for infrastructure development and repairs and maintenance at local municipalities.


According to her the extent of the support provided to the local municipalities and investment in service delivery to our communities can be seen in the allocations made to the local municipalities. For the 2015/16 financial year amounts allocated are R5m each to Dikgatlong and Sol Plaatje and R10m each to Phokwane and Magareng local municipalities for infrastructure development and a further R2.5m each for operation and maintenance.


For local economic development and tourism an amount of R3.03m and R3.44m has been allocated respectively. In terms of spatial planning R2.34m has been earmarked for the surveying of erven in Dikgatlong municipality; the development of a spatial development framework for Sol Plaatje municipality; the development of bylaws for three of our local municipalities; a CBD renewal plan for Magareng local municipality; township establishment for 450 erven in the Phokwane area and 200 erven in the Dikgatlong area.


A further R9.1m has been allocated to special projects in other divisions such as finance, human resource, disaster management, environmental health and GIS.

“FBDM – the key role player and leader in the delivery of services in the District.”

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