Mid-year performance report

The Frances Baard District Municipality (FBDM) has allocated 38% of its operational budget towards supporting its local municipalities to provide quality services to the communities in the district. We are mid-term into the 2016/17 financial year and the following are highlights of the implementation of our service delivery targets:  We allocated R25m towards our […]


Cllr. Buyiswa Ximba was inaugurated as the new executive mayor of the Frances Baard District Municipality at a Council meeting today (29 August 2016). In her acceptance speech the Executive Mayor said that the district municipality will work hard to ensure that there is service delivery. She emphasised the importance of all members of Council […]

BUDGET 2013/14

The budget of the district municipality consists of two main revenue streams i.e. government grants and interest earned on external investments. 71 positions on the organogram are directly and / or indirectly involved in support to local municipalities to the estimated amount of R15,19m or 28,83% of the total employee related costs budget.