Mid-year performance report

The Frances Baard District Municipality (FBDM) has allocated 38% of its operational budget

towards supporting its local municipalities to provide quality services to the communities in the

district. We are mid-term into the 2016/17 financial year and the following are highlights of the

implementation of our service delivery targets:

 We allocated R25m towards our local municipalities for capital projects. In addition an amount

of R3.8m was rolled over from the previous financial year. Of this amount R5m was spend on

co-funding towards the upgrading of the water treatment works at Windsorton and water

pipeline to the Holpan community in the Dikgatlong municipality, R3,2m on the refurbishment of

the Jan Kempdorp waste water treatment works in Phokwane municipality and R2,06m on the

resealing and upgrading of roads in Ritchie (Sol Plaatje). A further amount of R17m went

towards operation and maintenance activities in municipalities and approximately R5,3m was

spent thus far. These funds are spent on maintenance of water, sanitation, streets and

stormwater and electricity infrastructure. The rural road asset management system project,

which aims to assess municipal streets to enable municipalities to plan and prioritise which

roads should either be refurbished, upgraded or replaced, is progressing well.

 We are 75% ready to going live into implementing mSCOA and we are confident that we will

successfully meet the deadline of 1 July 2017. mSCOA will allow all state institutions to conform

to one financial reporting system. During November and December 2016 the district

municipality also assisted Magareng and Phokwane local municipalities with the linking of the

mSCOA item segment to the trail balance, registration on the National Treasury Portal and

compilation of IDP linked to version 6 project segments.

 The first official meeting of the district municipal planning tribunal took place on 08 December

2016 to assess and review land development applications.

 Our N18 tourism route development project is well underway and we have identified historical

sites in Warrenton as part of phase 1 to develop the route. A heritage specialist has been

appointed to monitor the restoration and upgrading of the Anglo Boer War blockhouse in

Warrenton. The environmental impact assessment has been concluded and submitted to the

Department of Environment and Nature Conservation for environmental authorisation on the

Gong-Gong Waterfall project, which involves the development of the river banks as a safe,

attractive and durable tourism attraction.

 FBDM is developing an agriculture sector strategy for the district. The strategy will assist with

the planning of agricultural activities for commercial and emerging farmers. Phases 1 and 2 of

six phases have been completed.

 We are in the process of conducting a land audit and the data collection and analysis for

inclusion into GIS data bases as well as to evaluate the billing data base of the Dikgatlong

municipality. The evaluation of the billing data base will commence in January 2017. A

workshop to highlight the strategic role of GIS for local municipalities was also conducted in

December 2016.

The FBDM also managed to receive an unqualified audit report with no matters of emphasis from

the Auditor-General for the 2015/16 financial year, thus making it the 4th consecutive clean audit

for the municipality. The district municipality also received awards for best level 2 accredited

municipality, in terms of housing, at both the national and provincial level.

“FBDM – the key role player and leader in the delivery of services in the district.”

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